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What Happens at a Stage Hypnosis Show?

theatre stage before a performanceWill you make me cluck like a chook? Well, I can but I thought you wanted to stop smoking.

People seem to be fixated on this. The closest that many people get to hypnosis is watching a stage show either live or on television. As a professional hypnotist, I’ve watched and attended many of these events and I can’t recall anybody ever clucking like a chook.

By the way, for the non-Australians, a chook is what the Americans call a chicken. In the olden days, when Australia still had its own language, a chicken was a baby chook and a chicken became a chook when it grew up. A chick, however, was and still seems to be, a young lady.

Anyway, put all that aside and come back to the subject at hand. In a stage show, the hypnotist is looking for two characteristics in his hypnotees. The first is that they are in that 20% of the general population that relaxes into hypnosis really quickly. The second is that they are fun-loving and extroverted – the life of the party types.

The hypnotised person often describes feeling as though they followed the hypnotist’s directions even though they knew that what they were doing wasn’t their normal behaviour. They also often say that they knew that, if they chose, they could have pulled themselves back to their normal waking state.

This indicates that the hypnotist couldn’t get them to rob a bank or do anything outside their normal values. Hypnosis stage shows are very amusing and laughter is extremely beneficial for our health.

The other really positive aspect about stage shows is that they show the power of hypnosis. If hypnosis can be used to “make me cluck like a chook” or display any of the other amusing behaviours then it’s pretty clear that its healing potential is huge when used in therapy.

The hypnotist always takes great care to remove the amusing suggestions that he uses during the show. It wouldn’t be terribly beneficial to have someone clucking like a chook for the rest of their lives or not being able to remember the number 3 or their name, as a few examples.

So, stage shows have their place as a practical demonstration of the power of hypnosis but must be recognised as the fun that they are. Participants report feeling really well afterwards and usually have the best night’s sleep that they’ve had for years.

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