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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

relaxing laying downMany people have expectations of how they “should” or “will” feel in hypnosis. Sometimes, people coming out of hypnosis query whether or not they were hypnotised because they could still hear. Hypnotherapy wouldn’t be much use if you couldn’t hear the beneficial messages, would it? Hypnosis is a very difficult state to describe as there’s huge variability between individuals.

Hypnosis is associated with trance and you’re putting yourself in and out of trance all day, naturally and all by yourself. Hypnosis is a natural but very powerful state. You have a subconscious and a conscious part of your mind and you’re switching between these throughout your day as you enter and leave trance and as you carry out different tasks. Sometimes you have both parts operating equally, other times, one or the other dominates. They both work for your benefit but in different ways.

Confused? I’ll clear that up as we continue. It’s helpful to understand the conscious and subconscious. In your conscious mind, you think logically – if I don’t overeat, I won’t be overweight. You have poor memory – what did you have for dinner three nights ago? Your conscious mind sleeps.

However, your subconscious remembers everything that’s happened to you, hence the reason that police detectives hire hypnotists to retrieve crime scene details. The subconscious is illogical and unlimited – the tiny karate expert can break bricks that are harder than the bones in her hand. The subconscious never sleeps – it controls all your autonomous systems, heartbeat, reaction to pain stimulus, breathing, etc without which you would die.

The karate expert switches from her conscious to her subconscious to break the brick. You learn to drive in your conscious but switch to your subconscious when you learn to drive automatically and experience car amnesia.

In hypnosis, your subconscious dominates. Your conscious may continue to ask questions because that’s how it protects you. Sometimes, the conscious will shut down completely – it all depends on the individual and the depth of trance. Usually, when I hypnotise someone for the first time, I persuade the subconscious to lock the eyes closed. Most people smile when they can’t open their eyes and enjoy the feeling. Others are so relaxed, they couldn’t be bothered even trying to open them. Occasionally, someone opens them but that’s just a minor inconvenience and easily overcome.

Time distortion occurs with hypnosis with most people exiting trance being surprised at the elapsed time, usually they think they’ve only been hypnotised for a very short time. This is a useful trait when we alleviate pain.

In hypnosis, your body will become super relaxed but your subconscious becomes super focused on the hypnotist’s voice. The conscious may stop its chatter and shut down completely. You generally feel quite lethargic.

Most people, immediately after hypnosis, need and like time to come back to full awareness. Others are energised, refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Again, there’s that huge human variation.

I’ve been describing hypnosis through relaxation induction while stage hypnosis produces a different feeling. You’ve probably seen shows where the hypnotees danced, sang and generally had a party. Then there’s full body catalepsy where someone is hypnotised to be as stiff as a board and can be suspended by their shoulders and feet between two chairs and can still carry on a conversation. Clearly, two parts of the mind working together.

So, it’s a bit like being asked to describe what a potato tastes like. The important part to remember is that a competent, skilled hypnotist will be watching you closely and gauging your depth of trance as there are many signs of hypnosis which guide the hypnotist and of which you are unaware.

Whatever state it feels like to you, it’s a profound, wonderful, beneficial experience that is most enjoyable. I’ve never had anyone not enjoy it. And, it’s completely natural – no drugs, no surgical equipment, no invasive procedures, just enhanced wellbeing and improved health. Contact Act Now Hypnosis today!

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