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Sleep - So very, very important!

person asleep in bed

Poor sleep is associated with many human problems. Lack of sufficient sleep, broken sleep, insomnia, night shifts, opposing your circadian rhythm and excessive stress may all contribute to health issues – some of which may manifest as overweight, obesity, depression, crankiness and poor concentration.

Our ancestors, who lived by daylight and firelight, more naturally followed their circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythms vary from person to person and regulate our sleep. Most people are night owls or early birds and the deepest, dreamless part of sleep when slow delta brain waves dominate also varies from person to person.

In Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, theta waves dominate. The rapid eye movement (under the closed eyelids) is caused by the visualisation that is brought about by dreams. Theta waves also dominate when someone is in deep meditation or hypnosis. When you are unduly stressed, your theta sleep may increase to the detriment of your delta sleep so that even though you’ve slept for your usual time, you wake up tired and may be quite listless for the following day. It seems that your dreams are your subconscious trying to sort out your problems. That deep delta sleep is crucial for robust health.

Artificial light has played havoc with our sleep cycles and has contributed to the negative effects of the health issues that I mentioned earlier. Electric lights and technology keep us awake for far longer than the firelight that kept our ancestors awake.

Regular late night workers such as nightclub staff have fewer problems than irregular shift workers and can fall into a pattern that suits their lifestyle – from my personal experience, they tend to be natural night owls. Emergency services workers, hospital staff and miners on rotating shifts experience far more problems. It’s difficult to counter your natural circadian rhythm on those irregular shifts and the difficulty can be compounded by extended hours. Police are a good example, most of them place a high value on personal fitness but as they grow older, they find it increasingly difficult to maintain their correct weight as they face the problems of irregular shifts, high stress levels, disrupted family life and dealing with some very unpleasant people.

So, what to do?

Using a combination of hypnosis and coaching, we can correct many of the problems. We coach you to take some conscious actions and we hypnotically embed subconscious messages that enable you to drop off quickly, sleep deeply, return to sleep should you wake up prematurely and to wake up refreshed and enthusiastic for the new day.

Contact us today to find out more!

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