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Procrastination & Hypnosis - maybe later...

person staring at a computerProcrastination affects almost everyone at some point in their life. Like most human problems, there’s no universal reason that causes it. This blog will examine a few of the more common causes of this sometimes debilitating issue.

Perfectionism is often associated with the delaying of constructive actions. Why is it so? Well, sometimes the procrastinator is fearful of not completing a task to perfection and becomes stalled even in the initial stages of a project. This is surprisingly common. In a way, the Nike advertising slogan acknowledges this – “Just do it!’. It helps procrastinators to realise that a completed good job is better than an unstarted perfect job and therefore, no job at all.

A lack of clear, defined goals can also cause procrastination. Why even start something if the goal isn’t truly desired or believed to be attainable. Quite a few years ago, the SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) goalsetting principles were introduced to the business community and flowed through into society at large. These principles are extremely useful for generating meaningful action.

Writing goals and regularly reading them is enormously powerful. Study after study acknowledges the strength of the written goal and the high success rate of goal writers.

Distractions, or more correctly, allowing yourself to be distracted is another problem. We all prefer to be doing what we like to do. Phones, colleagues, friends, sport scores, weekend activities are all important parts of daily life but it’s important to keep them balanced so they don’t distract us from tasks we need to complete for a satisfying life.

Being overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of a task can cause avoidance of starting that task. Motivation drops as it becomes more and more difficult to start while the stress, anxiety and fear levels rise. How does a man eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So, where does hypnosis sit in all this? Analysing the cause of the problem and then helping the client to set personal and/or professional goals is the first step. Please note, those goals remain private – we don’t need to know them, we just need to know that they’ve been set, preferably SMARTly. Hypnosis is then used to powerfully override the negativity of procrastination and to powerfully embed the desire and motivation to complete tasks and plans for a wonderful, enjoyable, successful and balanced life! Contact Act Now Hypnosis today to get started.

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