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New Clients at Act Now Hypnosis

Welcome to Act Now Hypnosis; we’re glad to see you. Relax while you look out at our garden, and know you’re in a secure space.

talking to patientWhat to Expect

During your free 30-minute consultation, the hypnotherapist will ask what’s wrong and what brought you in today. What issue is upsetting you that you want to resolve? Based on your responses, we’ll delve further into where the problem originated.

The goal is to isolate the problem, and determine how much it affects you. It may take some time, as many issues that present as adults may actually stem from childhood traumas and events. You may learn how to cope with the issue, but it remains unresolved.

As you grow, the issue continues to grow with you. There’s always a buildup before the behaviour manifests, as your coping mechanisms start to fail. Taking a hypnotic journey allows your subconscious to shed the problems from the past, clearing out all that’s wrong. You don’t have to reveal every detail of what happened to you, your subconscious is aware of the issue.

Taking the Next Step

The next step after your initial consultation, if you choose to proceed, is to book a three-session program for $695 to clear the problem forever. The first session will run about two hours, subsequent sessions are scheduled for one hour, but we never rush our clients.

Our goal is to put you at ease, and make you comfortable. At the end of your sessions, you will be able to live a happy, trouble-free, and balanced life. The things that used to upset you no longer worry you; you’re just calm.

You retain all your memories, without experiencing the trauma, because the deeper part of your mind has learned the lesson and won’t allow you to get in that situation again. Alarms will go off so you can avoid it.

In some cases, your hypnotherapist may decide one session is all that’s needed; the cost would be $250 for approximately two hours.

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