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Making Sugar Taste Like Dirty Sand

bowl of granola and fruitOften, clients are fearful of change, even when they know the change will be beneficial for their health.

Many people have a particular favourite food which they periodically or consistently overeat. I remember overhearing a group of children discussing their mothers’ dietary idiosyncrasies. The upshot was that each mother seemed to have a stash of a particular treat and the children agreed that to raid the stash and not leave something for Mum was not a healthful activity. Some of the treats were chocolate-covered liquorice, peppermints, Turkish delight, liquorice, chocolate and scorched peanuts.

At times when I’ve been analysing a client’s diet in order to isolate the separate causes of the overweight, I’ve received a look of horror when I’ve mentioned a particular food as part of the problem. The client clearly does not want to give up that particular treat.

So, how do we deal with that? In hypnosis, we can make foods taste repulsive so that chocolate tastes like wood putty or ice cream tastes like yoghurt (assuming the client doesn’t like yoghurt). Stage hypnotists sometimes persuade a hypnotee that an onion tastes like an apple.

Every case is different but altering tastes in this manner is something that I prefer to do only as a last resort. Usually, it’s more beneficial to keep the taste but to have the client lose interest in the problem food. Utilising this technique enables the cake lover to be able to enjoy a small piece of birthday cake atand not desire more. I like it because the cake lover still has something to look forward to but doesn’t feel compelled to keep eating or to source cake every day.

For all treatments to be successful, they must comply with the clients’ values and belief systems. It would be very financially beneficial for hypnotists if we could persuade people to rob banks and deliver the proceeds to us. Besides, according to the Royal Commission, some banks and insurance companies are better thieves than we’ll ever be.

Always, in the hypnotic world, we work so that modified behaviour is beneficial and “fits into” that person’s lifestyle, beliefs and society’s social norms.

If you’re interested and like to ask some questions, contact us today.

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