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Hypnotising Remotely - is it Possible?

woman using her smartphoneYes, it’s more than possible – in fact, it’s extremely powerful! So, how does that work?

With today’s digital technologies, we hypnotists can watch the hypnotee as they enter trance. There are multiple signs of hypnosis that enable us to gauge the onset and depth of trance. The hypnotee feels as though they are just sitting there and listening and are usually unaware of the visual cues that they’re giving and which assist us.

What are we looking for? Well, eyes tend to glaze over and lose focus while skin tonality may alter with some pale-skinned people becoming flushed and some darker complexioned people becoming pallid. Breathing often alters and slows down while breathing location may change from chest to belly or vice versa. Sometimes fingers, hands or limbs will flick or twitch. These are only a few of the signs that we use to help us to monitor trance and there are many more, well beyond the scope of this article.

It’s also possible to hypnotise someone over the phone using only audio (not if they don’t want to be though) This, however, would require an expert hypnotist with exceptional hearing and excellent listening skills. It would also be easier if the hypnotist had previously hypnotised the subject.

The safest, most secure and calmest place that many people experience is their own home. The comfortable security of familiar sights, sounds and scents greatly assists with the relaxation techniques that most hypnotherapists use for therapy.

Basically, access to either a smart phone, tablet or computer is required, along with comfortable seating or somewhere comfortable to lie down. The final requirement is for the device to be positioned so that its camera gives the hypnotist a good view of the clients face and chest. Being able to monitor facial signals and breathing changes is most useful for hypnotherapists.

And no, if the connection is broken or the hypnotist has a heart attack, you won’t be locked in trance for the rest of your life. Your subconscious would lead you out of trance and you’d resume your normal life or whatever is normal for you.

There are many reasons for being hypnotised remotely – isolated locations, a preferred trusted hypnotist, limited mobility, inability to travel, privacy issues, agoraphobia, time constraints or you live a long way from me (ha ha).

Before any hypnosis, it’s extremely important for the hypnotherapist to understand the issue and for the client and hypnotherapist to agree on achievable, realistic outcomes – you can’t regrow a missing limb but you can eliminate bad habits or addictions and improve many other human conditions. An analysis of the presenting problem can easily be conducted over the phone or internet, leading to productive, helpful outcomes.

So, remote hypnosis is powerful, easily set up and extremely productive for generating successful, beneficial outcomes.

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