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Hypnotising Children

smiling kids looking down at cameraYes, children do respond powerfully to hypnosis, but why would we want to hypnotise them?

Before we discuss this further, no child should be hypnotised without a parent/guardian present and without the hypnotherapist holding a Working with Children Blue Card.

Children are “little learning machines” throughout their early lives and from toddlerhood until early puberty, absorb bulk messages from almost every situation conversation and experience that they encounter both good and bad. From puberty, they begin to develop their “critical factor” which is when they question the information that they receive and as well, question the source – just ask the parent of any teenage girl! This is normal human development and teenagers are learning to engage their critical factor to understand their world and to protect themselves.

So, back to the original question. Bedwetting, nightmares, phobias, anxiety and self confidence are just some of the issues where hypnosis can benefit children and teenagers. Others are weight management (both gain and lose), eating disorders and sleep problems.

Children up until puberty spend much of their time in the alpha state which is very useful for learning. Neurologists define alpha as brain waves operating at 7.5 – 12.5 Hz which is slower than when you’re in a busy business meeting (beta brain waves) but faster than when you’re asleep and dreaming (theta brain waves) or deeply asleep and not dreaming (delta brain waves).

To hypnotise someone, we relax them down into the theta brain waves state. As children spend so much time naturally in alpha, they respond quickly to hypnosis and quickly drop down into theta enabling us to embed positive, beneficial messages to enhance their lives. Those messages are previously agreed.

Due to their developing critical faculty, teenagers require more deepening but also respond very powerfully to beneficial, hypnotic messages.

What happened to the child to cause the unwanted behaviour or negative emotions in the first place? As hypnotherapists, we don’t find it absolutely necessary to uncover the causes. We don’t and can’t uncover secrets – everybody has deeply personal parts of their lives that are theirs alone. Your subconscious mind will always protect you and bring you out of hypnosis if any improper suggestion or question is attempted. However, any hypnotherapist who tries to uncover secrets whether they’re dealing with adults or children is unethical and should be avoided.

When children are in that alpha state that we discussed earlier, they may have inadvertently picked up some messages that have impacted negatively on their behaviour or on their emotions. Sometimes, those messages are delivered inadvertently or accidentally by their parents who are, usually, the people who love them most and who always act in their best interests. Other times, they may be from bullies, violent movies, misheard or overheard out-of-context conversations or some other negative cause involving people or events.

At Act Now Hypnosis we use hypnotherapy to change those negative behaviours and emotions to positive ones thereby overcoming the issues. The result is that the child/teenager is happier, more confident and more self-assured and can live to their highest potential.

For a confidential, free & frank discussion, contact us today!

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