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A deep state of relaxation—Hyper focus and concentration—Heightened suggestibility

Hypnosis may change your perceptions, attitudes and behaviours, while also addressing a range of medical and psychological issues, including anxiety. At Act Now Hypnosis, we have helped many people find the answers they have been seeking for their problems.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis works in the same state of mind as when you’re dreaming, where the line between imagination and reality blurs. In this state, we can replace the negativity stored in your mind with positive, beneficial messages, and resolve issues. You’ll remember everything about the issue, but you won’t care about it anymore.

In dream sleep, the conscious part of your mind is resting. So someone can walk into the room while you’re asleep, and you don’t even realise it. Under hypnosis, the conscious, logical part of your mind is still awake and alert, acting as the gatekeeper to the deeper part of your mind that governs your survival.

The hypnotherapist will have you close your eyes to allow the deeper part of your mind to access the benefits of the hypnotic trance. Your conscious mind remains fully aware and resting.

In one instance, a therapist was hypnotising a lady online in Alice Springs. He was watching her on the camera, and all the visual signs indicated everything was working properly. She’s sitting in a recliner rocker, in trance when, next thing, her eyes pop open.

She stands up and walks out of the room. The therapist had no idea what was going on. When the woman came back, she explained that while completely relaxed and under hypnosis, she became aware someone was breaking into the back of her house. So, she came out of the state, dealt with it, and returned to finish her session.

And that’s the difference between hypnosis and dream sleep!

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Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Our clients have found solutions for issues like anxiety, addictions, smoking cessation, weight loss, children’s problems and more. Unlike meditation, which works to calm your conscious mind, hypnosis goes deeper to access the areas where these behaviours originate and correct them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before my problem is fixed?
It depends on the problem, but generally, the first session can take up to an hour, while we uncover the root cause of the problem and agree on the desired outcome. The hypnosis session will take another hour or so. However, for a weight problem, it may take multiple sessions. Each session would show improvement.

How long does a session take?

Generally, we aim for an hour or so.

I’m on a tight schedule, can we be more specific?

Yes, we’ll meet your deadlines, but in a perfect world, we’d have some flexibility.

What about confidentiality?

It is absolute. We use the same discretion standards as the medical profession. Some clients are so ecstatic about their results (particularly hardcore former smokers), they freely publicise their results.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

No, absolutely not. It was approved by the English and American Medical Boards in the 1950s. The Catholic Church, a very conservative organisation, has approved the use of hypnosis in healing.

You cannot be hypnotised into any behaviour or act that is not part of your normal values. Those movies about people being hypnotised into performing crimes are pure fantasy.

Is hypnosis like meditation?
Yes, however, hypnosis is undertaken with a beneficial goal in mind. They both involve a slowing of the mind into trance. Generally, in hypnosis, we’re looking to improve lives by inserting beneficial messages, while meditators seek an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

Am I asleep when in a hypnotic trance

No, you’re very relaxed with a heightened awareness, allowing you to concentrate on the hypnotist’s words, but you aren’t asleep. Some hypnotists use phrases like “sleep now” to drop the client into a trance by slowing their brain waves.

Can you address my snake phobia while I’m being hypnotised to quit smoking?

No, sessions are far more successful when dealing with one problem. Using weight control as an example, the first session may cover an overeating problem, while the second session might correct a sugar compulsion.

Can you help me win a gold medal at the Olympics for the marathon?

Not unless you’re already an Olympic marathon athlete. However, we may help you improve your performance in your chosen sport. Many elite athletes already use hypnosis to optimise their performance.

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