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Fear of Hypnosis

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I often encounter people who are fearful of hypnosis, sometimes they are downright petrified so let’s dispel the myths.

Hypnosis involves trance and as humans, we are regularly in and out of trance in our normal day’s activities. Showering, driving, daydreaming, watching tv and reading can all involve trance. When we’re in trance our brainwaves slow and we’re somewhat oblivious to events around us as we concentrate on the task at hand. Hypnosis is simply an induced trance where suggestions are given for a benefit.

The hypnotist doesn’t take control of your mind and can’t entice/order/force you to perform an act which is outside of your values. You probably don’t rob banks so your hypnotist can’t force you to do so. Chopper Read, on the other hand…..

We also can’t get you to give up your innermost secrets. One of the major differences between hypnotherapy and psychology and psychiatry is that we aren’t interested in putting you back into trauma and deep-seated feelings, we simply work with you to treat the presenting problem.

The most important message in all of this is that you control your mind, your hypnotherapist simply works with your subconscious mind by directing it to comply with the beneficial suggestions that you and your hypnotherapist have discussed beforehand and agreed to implement for a specific improvement in your life.

If your hypnotherapist attempted to coerce or influence you to do something outside your value system, you’d simply come out of hypnosis.

Hypnosis, as you’ve probably seen during stage shows, can be a lot of fun. You can laugh during hypnosis. It doesn’t have to be super serious. As we think in pictures, sometimes it is beneficial to use amusing ones.

It is also important to realise that, if you were deep in hypnosis, and your hypnotist died on the spot, you’d come out of hypnosis by yourself and carry on as normal. I’m kind of hopeful though, that you’d check for vital signs and call an ambulance.

We all carry personal secrets that we don’t want to share. Unless you agree when out of trance to share that information when under hypnosis, there is no way that you’ll unconsciously give up that information. Your subconscious mind always works to protect you. Hypnotherapy works by aligning the subconscious mind with the conscious desired behaviour. We have undesirable behaviours because the subconscious mind has picked up a negative message somwhere; for example, that smoking is addictive, and it then overrules the conscious mind which wants to stop smoking. The subconscious mind will win every time. Hypnotism works by changing the underlying subconscious belief which manifests as a new beneficial behaviour – in the smoker’s case, they become an ex-smoker.

In the united states of America, the CIA attempted to use hypnosis for interrogation and some other nefarious activities. Click on the link below if you’d like to explore this more thoroughly.

1. Hypnosis in Interrogation — Central Intelligence Agency

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