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Does Hypnosis Work Instantly?

woman relaxing and drinking teaYes, usually, it does but it very much depends on the issue that’s being treated.

In the case of overweight, there are usually multiple issues causing the problem and the major ones may require a separate hypnosis session each. In other words, sugar addiction, lack of motivation to exercise and excess drinking may be all contributing to the problem and, when you stop to think about it, you’ll realise there are many other possible contributors such as soft drinks, portion control and so, the list goes on.

For some deep-seated problems, multiple sessions may be needed to ensure lifetime freedom from the limiting behaviour.

I often find that there are negative effects on adult behaviour that originate from mistreatment as a child. I will address this issue more fully in my next blog. For this article, however, it’s enough to say that many people carry emotional scars from their childhood and while it’s easy to say “get on with it”, it’s important to realise that many people are trying to “get on with it” but are unable to because they didn’t get the opportunity to properly emotionally mature and so, despite their best intentions, are still affected by their past.

Back to the point of the blog. So the answer to the question is yes, changes are instant but multiple changes may be required to liberate you from the negative behaviour that’s inhibiting your happiness.

Any time that you are treated by a hypnotherapist, you should be confident that your hypnotherapist has a thorough understanding of your problem. Childhood events that create adult problems may have been quite traumatic but we don’t need to put you back into the trauma to correct it. You don’t have to relive it or give a detailed description – as long as we know something happened, we can help you deal with it.

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