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Dodgem Cars & Weight Loss

person stepping on a scaleYou’re overweight & you know what you have to do to correct the problem – change your food choices & exercise.

So, why is it so difficult?

Why do you want to eat more when you should be sated after a meal?

Why do you get the urge to eat chocolates & sweets?

Why is it so difficult to go for a walk?

Slim people usually don’t experience these difficulties.

Often, through a variety or combination of reasons, you’ve confused your body’s systems. Those reasons could be previous diet attempts, drug use (both prescribed & recreational), poor food choices, stress or psychological, just to name a few.

This turns you into a seething confusion of hormones. Insulin, leptin, ghrelin & gastric inhibitory polypeptide (the dodgems) are just a few of the hormones associated with blood sugar, appetite control, fat storage & metabolism. Those dodgem cars are way out of control! And, to make it worse, as most of them are triggers for others, the situation becomes even more confused & further weight gain is the result. Those dodgems are crashing into one another, getting jammed & have descended into chaos and inertia!

Menopausal women can make the dodgems even more confused as their bodies adapt to other hormonal changes.

We need to bring some order into the situation & steer all those dodgems in the same direction so that they’re bouncing off one another but still going forward. Hypnotism can help with this.

By organising the unconscious mind to operate correctly as it drives the systems of the body (endocrine, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, etc) weight loss becomes automatic as the unconscious mind drives the conscious mind.

The result – you automatically reject the hot chips & select the healthy salad, you get the urge to go for a walk, you feel sated after a meal, you sleep adequately and you’re body loses its excess fat.

Will power is far less successful for weight loss (as you’ve probably found) because you are at the mercy of those out of balance hormones causing inappropriate food desires. You are fighting yourself and, in the absence of a coach, you will probably lose.

Hypnotism, on the other hand, rebalances the unconscious & conscious minds to work together to achieve your ideal, most healthy and healthful body.

Hypnotism works as evidenced by Jordan Tirekidis who lost over 230 kgs of excess weight & kept it off. He was hypnotically treated by Dr Mark Stephens. The story was told on Channel 9’s “A Current Affair.”

Ring Act Now Hypnosis for a free & frank confidential discussion on 0416 014 835

There’s no need to continue having this problem. We can have a lot of fun & really enjoy ourselves when we’re in control & the dodgems are racing forward at their maximum, giving us a joyful, exhilarating ride!

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