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Can I be Hypnotised?

woman thinking and looking upYes, provided you would like to be hypnotised. My good friend Derryn says, every time the conversation turns to hypnosis “I’m too strong in the mind to be hypnotised.” Every time that this happens I patiently explain that it isn’t a battle of wills or mind control. Obviously, Derryn is too strong-minded to listen to me (or strong-eared).

Hypnosis isn’t mind control, loss of consciousness, magic or anything like any of these. Hypnosis is a natural state where the subconscious part of the mind becomes focused on the hypnotist’s words and accepts those suggestions. The conscious part of the mind may stay fully functional and ask its questions or it may just relax and sleep. The body becomes super relaxed and most people report excellent sleep after a session of hypnosis.

The biggest requirement for successful hypnosis is the ability and willingness to concentrate. Highly intelligent people often enter hypnosis really quickly and deeply. People who’ve learned to focus and concentrate under duress such as soldiers and athletes also tend to have the ability to enter hypnosis quickly. That said, when a soldier wishes to resist, he also tends to be good at that as well – obviously, that learned ability would be very useful for a captured soldier who was being interrogated.

Don’t make the mistake of now believing that you need super powers of concentration. For successful hypnosis and to reap the wonderful benefits of hypnotherapy, all you need to do is follow the hypnotherapists directions and to relax. By following the hypnotherapists directions, you are concentrating on their words. If you feel like you’re drifting off, don’t be concerned because all that is happening is that your conscious mind is relaxing down in the same way that it does when you go to sleep. Your subconscious never sleeps, a characteristic which is quite useful for keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing when you’re conscious is asleep.

Your hypnotist can’t make you do anything, particularly anything that’s against your values, so we can’t get you to transfer money into our bank accounts every payday for the rest of your life – your subconscious will always protect you and would recognise that as an untoward suggestion and would bring you out of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy works because there’s an agreement before hypnosis, between the hypnotist and you as to the beneficial outcome of the session as in, for example, the quitting of smoking, relieving anxiety or some other helpful gain.

The best subjects for a stage show are those gregarious types that like making people laugh and are quite happy to laugh at themselves. They’re subconsciously agreeing to go along with the fun. However, I’ve seen people in stage shows who, when inadvertently given suggestions outside their values, instantaneously exit trance.

So, back to Derryn, I don’t worry about it – he’s unwilling to be hypnotised and that’s his lost opportunity and of no concern to me. As Derryn doesn’t listen to my attempted explanations, there’s no chance of him following instructions anyway. Derryn isn’t his real name but he is a real person and a nice bloke at that.

Hypnosis is an entirely natural process that utilises the daily trance states that we all enter when we daydream, watch television, read a book, stare into a fire or engage in many of our other daily activities. In hypnosis, we hypnotherapists deepen that trance and embed beneficial, helpful messages that override your negative behaviours so you can live a wonderful, more fulfilling, and happier life.

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