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Adult Anxiety Carried From Childhood

young woman looking worriedMany adults are negatively affected by their childhood. All children should be loved, should know absolutely that they’re loved and should be raised in a secure environment. Take any of these three factors away and it becomes highly likely that the child will not properly learn to mature emotionally. So, what happens?

That child will learn to cope and, as they grow up, will often activate those same coping mechanisms when under stress. As a result they don’t get the opportunity to mature emotionally. In adulthood, they then find it difficult to lead a happy, fruitful life. They often carry anxiety which can lead to depression.

The possible causes of the child not being able to mature properly are many and varied. Sometimes, their security is disrupted by divorce or their parents’ loss of job or a business failure. They may not receive the love they need because of parental emotional absence, emotional abuse or physical violence in the home. Sexual violence and abuse, exposure to pornography or cruelty and parents working and commuting excessively are other contributors – you get the picture.

I am not passing judgment on anyone or what they have had to do to survive – obviously, that doesn’t apply to the abuse and violence, etc.

The vast majority of people are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have and, unfortunately, life can be difficult. Anybody that wasn’t treated properly as a child will have to actively learn to be a better parent than their own parents. If they don’t, the pattern continues. The upshot of all this is that anxiety is a major problem in our society and severely limits the enjoyment and happiness of many human lives.

So, what to do? Hypnotherapy is a very powerful method of alleviating anxiety. We can lift that anxiety without putting you back into it. It’s not good to remove memories of traumatic events, it’s better to separate the trauma from the event so the hypnotee still recalls the event, learns the lessons they need to avoid the problem reoccurring in the future and loses the pain.

This applies to anxiety caused in adulthood and the teenage years as well. As Australians, we are mostly of Anglo Saxon background and tend towards the British “stiff upper lip” attitude of not displaying our pain (physical or mental), of being independent and of not seeking help.

There’s been enough news about suicide and much of it is preventable.

Removal of that underlying anxiety is a major step towards better mental health. One of the great benefits of hypnosis is that we don’t need to know the cause of the anxiety. Sometimes, even the anxious person doesn’t know the exact cause. Sometimes, the anxious person doesn’t realise that a past event has caused the problem. Recently, I treated a lady whose parents had died when she was young and who’d been raised by a loving grandmother. She knew she’d been loved and was now leading a fairly happy life. In hypnosis, she shed the unconscious abandonment of which she wasn’t consciously aware and is now much happier without that nagging anxiety.

Anxiety is often apparent in teenagers and young adults. It’s a time when excitement, joy, enthusiasm, optimism and exuberance should be predominant. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.

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